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the faculty Education Network ® is considered to be one of the finest educational institutes in Karachi offering their services in test preparations for the best institutes. Our main aim is to provide leadership qualities to our students, as well as make them ready for the professional world and serve Pakistan in an effective way. We provide our students quality education in a healthy atmosphere.




the faculty Education Network® is known for its excellence in providing the best learning experience. Our main aim is to help the child in an effective manner that can help him all his lifetime, whereas build future leaders. Catering students from all over Karachi and making them work in an interactive classroom where they can learn something new on daily basis.
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the faculty Education Network ® teacher is as broad ranging in its interests and expertise as it is distinguished. It includes prominent teachers of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Accounts, Statistics, Economics, Business Law, Auditing & Income Tax Law as well as leading specialists in every area of education. Over 10+ full-time teachers are joined us as tutors  in our offered courses. In addition,the faculty Education Network ® a vibrant intellectual community



We strongly believe that a student can only learn something if he resides in an interactive environment and we try our best to create one.
  • Build interactive classrooms.
  • Experienced teachers in order to make every student understand according to his mental capabilities.
  • Try giving attention on individual basis.
  • Making students learn with a new experience every day
For building future leaders it is important for the students to build a strong interaction level amongst themselves, as well is with teachers in order to understand everything. We provide our best to make a friendly relationship between the both for the children to learn in an effective manner.

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Successful Students 99%
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Parents Satisfaction 90%
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Newest Technologies 85%

Happy Students Say??

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Faiz Amin Student

When identifying a single phrase to describe my experience with "the faculty Education Network", my mind inevitably concludes that it is a blessing in disguise. With all the mental stressors that come with transitioning from a comfortable studying life to a fast-paced work environment, " the faculty Education Network " is the perfect psychological reinforcement with its optimistic vitality and consistent support. It is not just a educational institution, it is a place to broaden your mindset.

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Sammad Latif Admin

My major focus is to motivate teachers and learners to be regular and punctual by providing them as well organized, hygienic and comfortable learning environment. I also make arrangements to facilitate every single person to perform their best. I put efforts to design n prepare assessments before time and maintain records.

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Dennis Rufi Alumni

I've spent quality time at this institute. During my stay, I've discovered new dynamics of learning and sharing my knowledge with others. Great institute with friendly and understanding faculty who always help students in their academics and future endeavors.

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Faizyab Ali Student

Review TexI have studied at "the faculty Education Network" in the years 2009-2010. Before joining the Institute, I went to couple of other coaching centres but the main problem being faced by me was of the individual attention. However, at "the faculty Education Network", I learnt all the subject by one of the best teachers and with completely focused attention. There was no querry of mine which went uncleared or unanswereeld. Moreover, the quality of notes provided was remarkable and alhamdulillah, I secured very best grades in my subjects. Regardst