Each student is paired with a counsellor who keeps an eye on his or her academic progress, extra-curricular involvement and overall, well-being. Counsellors strive to cultivate a relationship of trust. In addition to offering a listening and practical assistance, the counsellor is a source of reliable information regarding policy, procedure and opportunities at the school/college etc.

Occasionally a student’s work or behavior may suffer because of factors unrelated to education. Family bereavements, accidents, illness, domestic concerns, changes in routine and relocation are example of such situation. It is helpful for the family to make the education aware of such factors as soon as possible. Any student who wishes to may speak with a trained personal counsellor on a confidential basis.
the faculty Education Network ® encourages a health partnership between the students’ parents and his or her counsellor. As a necessary, counsellors may call or write to parents and save as the contact person of student’s studies or any other issues. When they would like to make an appointment to meet any of their Childs’ teacher.